Elif Ergun

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Visual neglect has been frequently described in a horizontal direction. Altitudinal neglect, however, has rarely been described and has been associated with bilateral lesions in the parieto-occipital or temporo-occipital region. The following case report presents a patient with marked altitudinal neglect of the inferior space which was elicited using a line(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial dissection is defined as the cleavage of the arterial wall by an intramural hematoma. Reports of dissection of the celiac and/or superior mesenteric artery are rare; as far as we know, only 24 cases of spontaneous isolated celiac trunk dissection, and 71 cases of spontaneous isolated superior mesenteric artery dissection have been(More)
The mydriatic effect of topically administered tropicamide was investigated as a possible diagnostic indicator for Alzheimer's disease. Although an initial series seemed to show a correlation between hypersensitivity to tropicamide and intellectual impairment, subsequent testing showed a greater inter- and intra-individual variation than that between the(More)
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