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Prophylactic knee braces are largely used in the prevention of ligament injuries, but their effectiveness on performance are still controversial. The aim of this study was to determine which brace was the most effective on functional performance. Twenty-four healthy subjects (14 men and 10 women), between the age of 18 and 22 with no prior history of lower(More)
STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory study using within-group comparisons. Objectives To compare scapular kinematics between active and resisted shoulder elevation performed in the sagittal (flexion), frontal (abduction), and scapular (scapular abduction) planes. BACKGROUND Several studies have documented scapular kinematics during arm elevation against an(More)
The application of pressure- or flow-triggered PSV with Servo 300 ventilator does not make significant changes, in the short-term, on gas exchange, respiratory mechanics and inspiratory work-load in non-COPD patients recovering from acute respiratory failure.
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