Eliezyer F. Oliveira

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1 The first author performed the work while a Visiting Scholar at INRS and thanks to Brazilian agency FAPESP for funding. ABSTRACT In this paper, an EEG-based biomarker for automated Alzheimer's disease (AD) diagnosis is described, based on extending a recently-proposed " percentage modulation energy " (PME) metric. More specifically, to improve the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Eyes-closed-awake electroencephalogram (EEG) is a useful tool in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's. However, there is eyes-closed-awake EEG with dominant or rare alpha rhythm. In this paper, we show that random selection of EEG epochs disregarding the alpha rhythm will lead to bias concerning EEG-based Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis. (More)
This study was aimed at evaluating the properties of juvenile and mature wood from Hevea brasiliensis untapped and with tapping panels. Boards were taken from a 53-year-old Hevea brasiliensis plantation located in Tabapuã, São Paulo, Brazil. Half of the boards had the tapping panels region, and the other half had the untapped region. The results showed(More)
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