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Intact human neuroepithelioma SK-N-MC cells bound the beta-adrenergic antagonist (-)-[3H]-CGP 12177 with a KD of 0.13 nM and a Bmax of 17,500 sites/cell. When the cells were exposed to beta-adrenergic agonists, they accumulated cyclic AMP in the following order of potency: isoproterenol much greater than norepinephrine greater than epinephrine, which is(More)
Human epithelial cell lines were utilized to examine the effects of anoxia on cellular growth and metabolism. Three normal human epithelial cells lines (A549, NHBE, and BEAS-2B) as well as a cystic fibrosis cell line (IB3-1) and its mutation corrected cell line (C38) were grown in the presence and absence of oxygen for varying periods of time. Interleukin-8(More)
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