Eliezer Nussbaum

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Two hundred three (68 percent) of 297 children with laryngomalacia had associated respiratory disorders by flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FFB). Associated disorders included congenital respiratory anomalies, a variety of anatomic obstructions of the upper and lower airways, and aspiration disorders. Mean age for isolated laryngomalacia (type 1) was 11.5(More)
The goal of this study was to identify airway and alveolar site(s) of inflammation using exhaled nitric oxide (NO) as a marker in treated patients with asthma, including response to oral corticosteroids, and correlate these sites with expiratory airflow limitation. In 53 (24 male) patients with asthma, age 43 +/- 23 years (mean +/- SD) and all on inhaled(More)
Plastic bronchitis is the occlusion of the major bronchial airways by a firm, gelatinous mucoid cast. It is a rare condition, which while classically described in asthma and sickle cell disease has greater mortality in patients with congenital heart disease. The management of this disease is obscure given the lack of clinical data regarding treatment(More)
We have determined the concentrations of carbonyl sulfide (OCS), dimethylsulfide, and carbon disulfide (CS(2)) in the breath of a group of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and one of healthy controls. At the detection sensitivity in these experiments, room air always contained measurable quantities of these three gases. For each subject the inhaled room(More)
We reviewed serial MRI with and without gadolinium-DTPA in eight patients with spinal epidural abscess and correlated the findings and the clinical manifestations. In four patients, diffuse abscesses spanned four vertebral bodies or more; the others had focal abscesses associated with osteomyelitis and/or diskitis. In three of the four patients with diffuse(More)
Acoustic neuromas (AN) are benign tumors that arise from the vestibular nerve within the internal auditory canal, where hearing loss is the most common symptom. This retrospective study was done to determine the results of hearing preservation in patients operated for AN at the University of Minnesota, as well as the factors affecting them. One(More)
A pediatric flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope was employed in the examination and/or therapy of 164 infants and children ranging in age from 1 day to 16 years. Ninety-two bronchoscopies and 72 laryngoscopies were performed without any mortality or significant morbidity; 78% of laryngoscopies and 35% of bronchoscopies were performed in children under 2 years(More)
BACKGROUND This report presents the results of a prospective multi-institutional study of intrapleural treatment with gamma-interferon in patients with Butchart's Stages I and II epithelial or mixed malignant pleural mesothelioma. METHODS Interferon was administered at a dose of 40 million units twice a week for 8 weeks intrapleurally via a catheter or an(More)
PURPOSE Physical inactivity is deleterious to health, but it has been difficult to determine the extent to which these effects are attributable to abnormal body composition or to factors related to physical activity alone. To begin to gauge independent effects of physical activity on health risk, we matched by BMI two groups of normal-weight adolescent(More)