Eliezer Lahat

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Seizures and status epilepticus, which may contribute to brain injury, are common consequences of exposure to organophosphorus (OP) cholinesterase inhibitors. Effective management of these seizures is critical. To investigate the efficacy of nasal midazolam as an anticonvulsive treatment for OP exposure, as compared to intramuscular midazolam, guinea pigs(More)
A controlled clinical study compared the antipyretic effectiveness of acetaminophen administered at regular 4 h intervals (group 1,n=53) versus sproadic usage contingent upon a body temperature above 37.9°C (group 2,n=51) in 104 children presenting with simple febrile convulsions. The incidence of febrile episodes or temperature values were similar in spite(More)
UNLABELLED The relations between cognition and autism severity, head size and intervention outcome, were examined. Change in cognitive level with intervention was measured in children with autism and compared to children with developmental disabilities (DD). Eighty-one children (mean age 25.9 months) with autism (n=44) and DD (n=37) were assessed at pre-(More)
Gentamicin is widely used in paediatric medicine and therapeutic monitoring is mandatory due to the narrow margin of safety. Saliva sampling may be of potential interest, especially in children in whom blood sampling is often difficult. Experience with once daily intravenous administration of aminoglycosides has grown in recent years. Gentamicin levels were(More)
Headache is a common complaint in children. Diagnosis of the type of headache and therapeutic approach is predominantly clinical based on a detailed history and physical examination. These data are often not available or informative in young children with headache, leading clinicians to look for diagnostic studies. We reviewed our experience with 53(More)
Sydenham chorea, a major manifestation of acute rheumatic fever, has been the most common form of acquired chorea during childhood. Despite the recent dramatic decline in both incidence and severity of rheumatic fever in our area, the frequency of carditis was unchanged. This study investigated retrospectively the incidence of chorea in the last three(More)
BACKGROUND Medication errors are a common cause of morbidity and mortality. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the rate of acknowledgment of medication errors as reported by physicians working in the community and in hospitals. METHODS An anonymous questionnaire was sent to 9320 active physicians (about 48% community physicians, 17% hospital physicians and 35%(More)
PURPOSE To determine the smallest significant change in mechanical efficiency (MEnet) measured by a stair-climbing test. METHODS Duplicate stair-climbing tests (T1 and T2), with more than a 30-minute rest between, were performed by 51 children with diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) at levels II and III of Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) and(More)
We treated 14 children and infants during 1990–1993 who suffered severe head trauma with consequent epidural haematomas. We tried, in accordance with several recent publications, to follow part of them conservatively. The report describes the clinical and radiological features of these patients and discusses the criteria for conservative management of(More)