Eliezer Frankenberg

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The adaptive value of sound signal characteristics for transmission in the underground tunnel ecotope was tested using tunnels of the solitary territorial subterranean mole rats. We analyzed the propagation of synthetic calls with various frequencies through natural tunnels along different distances. Here we present evidence that sound propagation proved(More)
We describe a vibrational communication system in subterranean mole rats of the Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies in Israel. The signals are produced by head thumping against the tunnel ceiling in a rhythmic pattern that appears to be species-specific. These signals may be effective as a means of long-distance communication between individuals within(More)
region, is found which penetrates into the cuticle through distinct cuticular pores with a diameter of 0.1 ~tm (Fig. 2b). The ultrastructure of the tibial gland clearly suggests a metabolically active tissue. The basal invaginations may indicate an absorbing function for the metabolic constituents. The well developed Golgi complex and the numerous(More)
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