Eliezer Colina

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This paper presents a supervisory control scheme based on hybrid systems theory and fuzzy events detection. The fuzzy event detector is a linguistic model, which synthesizes complex relations between process variables and process events incorporating experts' knowledge about the process operation. This kind of detection allows the anticipation of(More)
The development of integrated automation systems for continuous production plants is a very complicated process. A variety of factors must be taken into account, such as their different components (e.g., production units control systems, planning systems, financial systems, etc.), the interaction among them, and their different behavior (continuous or(More)
Abstract: This paper presents a systems identification method, for discrete time linear systems, based on an evolutionary approach, which allows achieving the selection of a suitable structure and the parameters estimation, using non conventional objective functions. This algorithm incorporates parametric crossover and parametric mutation along a weighted(More)
The core of the cement production process is the clinker kiln. Proper operation of the kiln depends on factors such as the timely monitoring of its thermal behavior under different operation conditions. This work includes a systematization of empirical knowledge of skilled kiln operators, linking it with the analysis of thermography images of the kiln using(More)
Methods for generating fuzzy singleton models from input-output data have been proposed by many authors. This paper introduces a genetic algorithm (GA) based method to generate a fuzzy singleton model taking into account all the necessary constraints to guarantee an analytically inverted representation of the process dynamics which may be used as a fuzzy(More)
The Clinker kiln is the core of the cement production process, which is a heavy infrastructure, where a mixture of limestone and clay undergoes physical and chemical transformations at high temperatures. The process has a very complex non-linear behavior, which hinders its control automatically. This article presents the design of a fuzzy logic-based(More)
we propose a new perspective on the identification of linear dynamic system using structural similarity. The proposal consists in the meaningful exploration of each model, specifically behavior of the state variable. The decomposition of the behavior of a state variable in different modes of behavior of a system, each one has a different set of weights and(More)
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