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Recent technological developments in the area of mobile devices in combination with the ubiquity of mobile connectivity have turned handheld devices into rich mobile web clients. On the other hand, we witness an increased number of web resources that are no longer only available in HTML but also in RDF format. In order to access relevant information in a(More)
Mobile devices are increasingly multifunctional and personal, providing mobile applications with the necessary user information to achieve personalization. At the same time, detection technologies let such devices find nearby physical entities and thus map the user's environment. By exploiting existing online Semantic Web sources about these detected(More)
Due to advancements in mobile technology and connectivity, mobile devices have become fully-fledged web clients. At the same time, more and more Semantic Web data is becoming available, to a point where it becomes usable for various mobile application scenarios. However, most applications are limited to using pre-defined query endpoints in order to access(More)
Recent advancements in mobile devices and the omnipresence of wireless connectivity have turned handheld devices into powerful mobile web clients. This evolution has made the wealth of online Semantic Web data accessible to mobile devices. To support this new opportunity, we present a semantic technology-based client-side solution to efficiently query large(More)
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