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The segmentation of microscopic images is an important issue in biomedical image processing. Many works can be found in the literature; however, there is not a gold standard method that is able to provide good results for all kinds of microscopic images. Then, authors propose methods for a given kind of microscopic images. This paper deals with new(More)
La malnutrition des enfants est un phénomène très répandu dans les pays en développement. Elle cause plus de 45 % des décès d’enfants de moins de 5 ans dans le monde. Le but de notre travail est d’évaluer la prévalence de la malnutrition des enfants de moins de 5 ans dans la préfecture d’Oujda Angad. L’étude a porté sur 440 enfants non malades âgés de 6 à(More)
The authors have determined systolic time intervals with carotid arterial Doppler system in a group of 113 healthy subjects. These systolic time intervals, were independent of age but strongly influenced by heart rate, and highly significant correlated with phonocardiographic and carotid arterial pulse tracings, according to the method described by(More)
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