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Ellipticine (E) and its 9-hydroxy derivative inhibit strongly various liver monooxygenase activities mediated by microsomes from control and phenobarbital (PB), benzo[alpha]pyrene (BP) or Aroclor 1254 (Aroclor)-pretreated rats. The inhibition constants, Ki, are remarkably low, and often smaller than 1 micron, particularly in the case of microsomes(More)
Mycolic acids, the hallmark of mycobacteria and related bacteria, are major and specific components of their cell envelope and essential for the mycobacterial survival. Mycobacteria contain structurally related long-chain lipids, but the metabolic relationships between these various classes of compounds remain obscure. To address this question a series of(More)
New methyl-branched fatty acids were isolated from the lipids of Mycobacterium aurum, belonging to both saturated and non-saturated series. The most abundant component of the former series was identified as a C22-mycosanoic acid (2-L, 4-L-dimethyleicosanoic acid). The unsaturated fraction contained a mixture of 2-L, 4-L-dimethyl-11-eicosenoic acid and 2-L,(More)
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