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We extend known results regarding the maximum rectilinear crossing number of the cycle graph (C n) and the complete graph (K n) to the class of general d-regular graphs R n,d. We present the generalized star drawings of the d-regular graphs S n,d of order n where n + d ≡ 1 (mod 2) and prove that they maximize the maximum rectilinear crossing numbers. A(More)
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  • 1992
is similar to the proof of Theorem 2.4 ((rst direction), together with the second part of Lemma 4.3 that guarantees that D 1 (e) = D 1 (e f) D 1 (e g). Using the last two theorems, we get Let us now brieey discuss the case of computing general relations and not necessarily functions. The equality in Lemma 4.3 part (1), does not hold anymore. However, by(More)
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