Elidiane Barroso

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common viral infection after transplantation. Valganciclovir (VGC) is established for prophylaxis and treatment of CMV infections, but leukopenia which appears in 10% to 13% (severe in 4.9%) is the principal side effect. We have recently noted an increased incidence of leukopenia and severe neutropenia among our renal(More)
In December 2003 the MPS. BR Program was launched aiming at establishing and disseminating a software process reference model -- the MPS-SW -- allowing both micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and large organizations to achieve the benefits of process improvement. Nowadays, ten years later, the achieved results exceed MPS. BR's predefined benchmarks(More)
OBJECTIVE Recognizing the potential impact of psychiatric and psychosocial factors on liver transplant patient outcomes is essential to apply special follow-up for more vulnerable patients. The aim of this article was to investigate the psychiatric and psychosocial factors predicted medical outcomes of liver transplanted patients. METHODS We studied 150(More)
INTRODUCTION ABO-incompatible liver transplantation (ABOi LT) is considered to be a rescue option in emergency transplantation. Herein, we have reported our experience with ABOi LT including long-term survival and major complications in these situations. PATIENT AND METHODS ABOi LT was performed in cases of severe hepatic failure with imminent death. The(More)
BACKGROUND In a liver transplant (LT) center, treatments with Prometheus were evaluated. The main outcome considered was 1 and 6 months survival. METHODS During the study period, 74 patients underwent treatment with Prometheus; 64 were enrolled, with a mean age of 51 ± 13 years; 47 men underwent 212 treatments (mean, 3.02 per patient). The parameters(More)
INTRODUCTION A significant number of patients who have had cerebrovascular illness apparently recover their former abilities completely but return to normal life with subtle cognitive deficits which may affect their daily lives. Such is the situation of patients with transitory ischemic accidents who present with sustained, undiagnosed attention deficits.(More)
INTRODUCTION SPECT, EEG AND CT scan offer information with several pathophysiologic meanings. Their results vary with time and according to the vascular affected territory. OBJECTIVE We wanted to study how the sensibility varies and the relationship with the clinic of SPECT, qEEG and CT scan in the acute, subacute and chronic stages and according to the(More)
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