Elias Vansteenkiste

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—The FASTER project aims to ease the definition, implementation and use of dynamically changing hardware systems. Our motivation stems from the promise reconfigurable systems hold for achieving better performance and extending product functionality and lifetime via the addition of new features that work at hardware speed. This is a clear advantage over the(More)
Dynamic Circuit Specialization (DCS) is a new FPGA CAD tool flow that uses Run-Time Reconfiguration to automatically specialize the FPGA configuration for a whole range of specific data values. DCS implementations are a factor 5 faster and need a factor 8 less luts compared to conventional implementations. We propose a novel routing algorithm for(More)
Parameterised configurations for FPGAs are configuration bitstreams of which some of the bits are defined as Boolean functions of parameters. By evaluating these Bool-ean functions using different parameter values, it is possible to quickly and efficiently derive specialised configuration bitstreams with different properties. Generating and using(More)