Elias Salomão Helou Neto

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Internet users are very familiar with the results of a search query displayed as a ranked list of snippets. Each textual snippet shows a content summary of the referred document (or webpage) and a link to it. This display has many advantages, for example, it affords easy navigation and is straightforward to interpret. Nonetheless, any user of search engines(More)
We present a unifying framework for nonsmooth convex minimization bringing together -subgradient algorithms and methods for the convex feasibility problem. This development is a natural step for -subgradient methods in the direction of constrained optimization since the Euclidean projection frequently required in such methods is replaced by an approximate(More)
This paper proposes an accelerating process through the use of a fast and exact line search for the over-relaxed monotone fast iterative shrinkage-threshold algorithms (OMFISTA). This algorithm is applied to high resolution tomographic image reconstruction using data from the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source (LNLS). The LNLS can capture lots of data from(More)
Images obtained with optical microscopes are often blurred and corrupted by noise. Specially in wide-field microscopy, there is a strong out-of-focus blur in focal plane direction, caused mainly by a frequency loss in the acquisition process. In order to restore these images it is important to use non-linear methods and relevant prior knowledge as(More)
Relaxation is widely recognized as a useful tool for providing convergence in block-iterative algorithms [1], [2], [6]. In the present article we give new results on the convergence of RAMLA (Row Action Maximum Likelihood Algorithm) [2], filling some important theoretical gaps. Furthermore, because RAMLA and OS-EM (Ordered Subsets - Expectation(More)
String-Averaging Expectation-Maximization for Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Emission Tomography Elias Salomão Helou1, Yair Censor2, Tai-Been Chen3, I-Liang Chern4,5, Álvaro Rodolfo De Pierro6, Ming Jiang7 and Henry Horng-Shing Lu8 Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, State University of São Paulo, Postal Box 668, São Carlos, SP, Brazil.(More)
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