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BACKGROUND Clinical inertia has been defined as mistakes by the physician in starting or intensifying treatment when indicated. Inertia, therefore, can affect other stages in the healthcare process, like diagnosis. The diagnosis of dyslipidemia requires ≥2 high lipid values, but inappropriate behavior in the diagnosis of dyslipidemia has only previously(More)
A novel approach to create a general vision system is presented. The proposed method is based on a visual grammar representation which is transformed to a Bayesian network which is used for object recognition. We use a symbol-relational grammar for a hierarchical description of objects, incorporating spatial relations. The structure of a Bayesian network is(More)
A novel proposal for object recognition based on relational grammars and Bayesian Networks is presented. Based on a Symbol-Relation grammar an object is represented as a hierarchy of features and spatial relations. This representation is transformed to a Bayesian network structure which parameters are learned from examples. Thus, recognition is based on(More)
This working note describes the participation of TIA-INAOE in the Photographic Retrieval and the Large Scale Image Annotation tracks at ImageCLEF2009. We developed specific methods for each track with the goal of exploiting the information available while maximizing annotation and retrieval performance. On the one hand, for the retrieval track, we proposed(More)
This paper states a novel hybrid-metaheuristic based on the Theory of Deterministic Swapping, Theory of Evolution and Simulated Annealing Meta-heuristic for the multi-objective optimization of combinatorial problems. The proposed algorithm is named EMSA. It is an improvement of MODS algorithm. Unlike MODS, EMSA works using a search direction given through(More)
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