Elias Rodríguez

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This meta-analysis synthesizes eighty-four observational studies, conducted across twenty countries, to determine the mean proportion of people who reported ≥90% adherence to prescribed highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and to identify the factors associated with high levels of adherence. Eight electronic databases were searched to locate all(More)
The need for an accurate, fast and reliable analysis of carbohydrate test is crucial for numerous biological processes. In that sense, anthrone-sulfuric acid assay is one of the most efficient quantification techniques successfully applied to carbohydrate determination. In this paper, a sensitive and accurate anthrone-sulfuric acid microplate assay was(More)
Human erythropoietin (hEpo) production requires mammalian cells able to make complex post-translational modifications to guaranty its biological activity. As mammalian cell can be reservoir of pathogenic viruses and several animal origin components are usually used in the cultivation of mammalian cells, hEpo contamination with viruses is something of great(More)