Elias Pambou

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Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) was used to investigate the size and shape of zwitterionic dodecyl phosphocholine (C12PC) micelles formed at various concentrations above its critical micelle concentration (CMC = 0.91 mM). The predominant spherical shape of micelles is revealed by SANS while the average micellar size was found to be broadly consistent(More)
Cuticular waxes are essential for the well-being of all plants, from controlling the transport of water and nutrients across the plant surface to protecting them against external environmental attacks. Despite their significance, our current understanding regarding the structure and function of the wax film is limited. In this work, we have formed(More)
The effects of the two phenylalanine (Phe) residues in the blocked Aβ(16-22) peptide on its self-assembly have been investigated by replacing both of them with two cyclohexylalanines (Chas) or two phenylglycines (Phgs). TEM and SANS studies revealed that the flat and wide nanoribbons of Aβ(16-22) were transformed into thin nanotubes when replaced with Chas,(More)
By combining experimental measurements and computer simulations, we here show that for the bola-like peptide amphiphiles XI4 X, where X=K, R, and H, the hydrophilic amino acid substitutions have little effect on the β-sheet hydrogen-bonding between peptide backbones. Whereas all of the peptides self-assemble into one dimensional (1D) nanostructures with(More)
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