Elias Hugo Simon

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Commercial neutral red (NR) originally containing at least 8 components was purified by thin layer chromatography. Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) treated in vitro with 30 microgram/ml of purified NR became sensitive to light inactivation within 2 min but rapidly lost this sensitivity upon dilution. Similarly, virus grown in the presence of NR lost its(More)
Oxidative stress and neurotrophins are among the most important factors involved in several pathophysiological brain processes. In addition, long-term exposure to stressful situations has deleterious effects on behaviour. We have previously shown that stressed female BALB/c mice show poor learning performance and that this behaviour is reversed by(More)
Using a protected centre technique in which agarose prevents the diffusion of interferon from individual producing cells, we have shown that essentially every cell in a monolayer of mouse L cells can be induced to produce interferon by infection with Newcastle disease virus (NDV). The amount of interferon produced by individual cells appeared to be highly(More)