Elias Daura-Oller

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Giving coding region structural features a role in the hypomethylation of specific genes, the occurrence of G+C content, CpG islands, repeat and retrotransposable elements in demethylated genes related to cancer has been evaluated. A comparative analysis among different cancer types has also been performed. In this work, the inter-cancer coding region(More)
In the present study, a positive training set of 30 known human imprinted gene coding regions are compared with a set of 72 randomly sampled human nonimprinted gene coding regions (negative training set) to identify genomic features common to human imprinted genes. The most important feature of the present work is its ability to use multivariate analysis to(More)
This study attempts to rationalise the unpredictable performance of transition metal catalysed asymmetric hydroboration of vinylarenes on varying the precursor of the catalyst from cationic to neutral species, [M(cod)(L-L)]BF4, [M(mu-Cl)(cod)]2/(L-L), the metal (M=Rh and Ir), and the hydroborating reagent (catecholborane, pinacolborane). The approaches are(More)
To provide further insight into electronic and steric factors and to quantify their relative importance, we studied in detail the migratory CO insertion step for RhMe(CO)I2(L–L) systems (L–L = dppms (PPh2CH2P(S)Ph2) or dppe (PPh2CH2CH2PPh2)), Monsanto catalysts and some electronically unsymmetrical diphosphine model systems. The difference in the reaction(More)
We studied the hydroboration of vinylarenes using rhodium complexes bearing atropoisomeric ligands. For the first time, an NMR spectroscopy study of the styrene and catecholborane addition to the precursor of catalyst [Rh(COD)(L-L)]BF(4), where L-L = (R)-BINAP and (R)-QUINAP, showed evidence of the structure of intermediates involved in the catalytic cycle.(More)
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