Elias Chikee Aniwada

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BACKGROUND Adolescents are prone to various forms of behavioral problems. These behavioral issues in adolescents can have serious consequences for the adolescents. OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study are to determine the causative factors of adolescent problems and specific manifestations. METHODS Behavioral problems were investigated using a random(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to determine the prevalence and socio-economic determinants of autism among children attending primary and secondary schools in South East, Nigeria. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study that assessed the prevalence and socio-economic pattern of childhood autism among children attending primary and secondary(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents do present with somatization disorder which is often neglected by pediatricians. This could have serious consequences if not curbed early. OBJECTIVES This study is aimed at determining the pattern and types of Somatization disorder among adolescents attending secondary schools in south east Nigeria. METHODS Somatization disorder(More)
BACKGROUND Medical students are exposed to stress and this can predispose them to psychological and behavioral consequences. METHODS Psychosomatic disorders were investigated among 385 medical students from two teaching hospitals using a stratified random sampling. The Enugu somatization Scale (ESS) was used to evaluate for presence of somatization in the(More)
BACKGROUND Critically ill children are those in need of immediate attention on arrival to an emergency room. The importance of glycemic level measurement as well as maintaining the patency of the airway, effective breathing and circulation cannot be overemphasied. It has been highlighted that the peak hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia predict poor prognosis,(More)
BACKGROUND Health workers are the heart of the health system in any country and are made up of health service providers and the health support workers. The global health workforce is over 59 million and 67% of them are the service providers. AIM The goal of this paper is to review the most relevant papers on the retention of health workers in the(More)
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