Elias Canhadas Genvigir

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This paper presents a comparison between the requirements modeling KAOS (Keep All Objects Satisfied) and Mind Maps. An experimental research method was employed to perform this work. The experiment was conducted with three groups. The first two groups had members of the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná. The third one consisted of(More)
Software and computer systems are the center of a variety of knowledge areas. Therefore, many software development companies invest in improving their processes to get better and better products. Some of the biggest challenges in improving software processes are directly related to requirements. Therefore, this area requires attention and resources.(More)
This work presents a summary on the research conducted towards the development of a model to document and to visualize,dynamically, software requirements. The research consisted of analyzing the necessary information focusing on documenting different types of requirements in an efficient way, and how quality factors may be part of those requirements. The(More)
1 Resumo: Diversos modelos propõem tipos pré–definidos de elos para a rastreabi-lidade de requisitos. Tais modelos fazem extensivas observações sobre as práticas da rastreabilidade, mas são limitados tanto pelos tipos de elos pré–definidos quanto pela capacidade de incluir atributos para os elos. Este trabalho propõe um modelo para rastreabilidade de(More)
This work presents a model of reuse process based on concept maps. The model was applied in 2011, in the instantiation of the software process institutionalized in company in southeastern Brazil. The results obtained with the application of the model were satisfactory and the maps are effective in the materialization process.
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