Elias Canhadas Genvigir

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This paper presents a comparison between the requirements modeling KAOS (Keep All Objects Satisfied) and Mind Maps. An experimental research method was employed to perform this work. The experiment was conducted with three groups. The first two groups had members of the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná. The third one consisted of(More)
This work presents a model of reuse process based on concept maps. The model was applied in 2011, in the instantiation of the software process institutionalized in company in southeastern Brazil. The results obtained with the application of the model were satisfactory and the maps are effective in the materialization process.
The current solutions for the Requirement Engineering do not possess support for the inclusion or exclusion, of quality factors and elements to describe specific patterns of requirements as the use cases or forms of a certain project. The lack of that support makes the storage model and description of the static requirements difficult; in other words, those(More)
Several models proposed traceability links that provide pre–defined groups of links for requirements traceability. These models are limited to pre–defined links without the ability to add new attributes to the existing links. This work proposes a model for requirements traceability that generalizes the types of links already established in the literature(More)
Software and computer systems are the center of a variety of knowledge areas. Therefore, many software development companies invest in improving their processes to get better and better products. Some of the biggest challenges in improving software processes are directly related to requirements. Therefore, this area requires attention and resources.(More)
The maintenance and balance of Software Ecosystem (SECO) Health is one of the most important success of a keystone actor factors, since both provide the growth and engagement of actors during the life cycle of SECO. In this context, maintaining the health of the SECO has been observed in studies from the perspective of three categories of indicators:(More)
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