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A History of Scandinavian Socially Responsible Investing
This article contributes to the literature on national varieties of socially responsible investment (SRI) by demonstrating how Scandinavian SRI developed from the 60s and onwards. Combining findingsExpand
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Repoliticalization of accounting standard setting—The IASB, the EU and the global financial crisis
Since its inception, the IASB has been able to set standards with relatively little political influence in its governance or standard setting process. But this changed with the outbreak of the globalExpand
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Socially responsible investing in Scandinavia – a comparative analysis
This article contributes to the literature on socially responsible investing (SRI) by discussing findings from an empirical comparative study of Scandinavian investors. The study draws attention toExpand
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Shadow Banking and Financial Stability: European Money Market Funds in the Global Financial Crisis
When the troubles in the subprime markets began surfacing 2007, developments unfolded rapidly in the European MMF industry. The industry suffered from asset price drops and investor redemptions. ButExpand
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A New Database for Financial Crises in European Countries: ECB/ESRB EU Crises Database
This paper presents a new database for financial crises in European countries, which serves as an important step towards establishing a common ground for macroprudential oversight and policymaking inExpand
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Appropriate Capital Ratio in Major Swedish Banks – An Economic Analysis
Extensive work is now in progress around the world to create a more stable financial system. An important part of this work is to tighten the requirements on the banks’ capital adequacy. There isExpand
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Money market funds in Europe and financial stability
Money market funds (MMFs) are investment funds whose primary objectives are to maintain the principal value of the funds and offer a return in line with money market rates, while providing dailyExpand
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Evaluating performance of Nordic and Baltic stock exchanges
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and compare performances of three Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and three Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)Expand
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Shareholder activism of Swedish institutional investors
During recent decades, institutional investors have come to be of larger significance in the ownership structures of large Swedish corporations. Yet, studies of their actual involvement in the runnExpand
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Fund Management and Systemic Risk – Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
Fund managers play an important role in increasing efficiency and stability in financial markets. But research also indicates that fund management in certain circumstances may contribute to theExpand
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