Elias Balafoutis

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Divisible load scenarios occur in modern media server applications since most multimedia applications typically require access to continuous and discrete data. A high performance Continuous Media (CM) server greatly depends on the ability of its disk IO subsystem to serve both types of workloads efficiently. Disk scheduling algorithms for mixed media(More)
In this paper the idea that large objects, such as video files, should not be cached or replaced in their entirety, but rather be partitioned in chunks and replacement decisions be applied at the chunk level is examined. It is shown, that a higher byte hit ratio (BHR) can be achieved through partial replacement. The price paid for the improved BHR(More)
Recently, the application of the peer to peer networking paradigm (typical for an ad hoc network) has been proposed for wireless local area networks (WLANs), instead of the traditional cellular networking paradigm. In this paper the performance of a WLAN employing the peer to peer networking paradigm is studied via simulations; the results indicate that the(More)
Partial caching of large media objects such as video files has been proposed recently as the caching of entire objects can easily exhaust the storage resources of a proxy server. In this paper the idea of segmenting video files into chunks and applying replacement decisions at the chunk level rather than on entire videos is examined. It is shown that a(More)
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