Elias Abou-Samra

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The Ly49 receptors are type II C-type lectin-like membrane glycoproteins encoded by a family of highly polymorphic and polygenic genes within the mouse natural killer (NK) gene complex. This gene family is designated Klra, and includes genes that encode both inhibitory and activating Ly49 receptors in mice. Ly49 receptors recognize class I major(More)
According to the missing-self hypothesis, natural killer (NK) cells survey for target cells that lack MHC-I molecules. The Ly49 receptor family recognizes loss of MHC-I and is critical for educating NK cells, conferring the ability to eliminate transformed or infected cells. In this study, we evaluated their requirement in innate immune surveillance of(More)
The Nkrp1 (Klrb1)-Clr (Clec2) genes encode a receptor-ligand system utilized by NK cells as an MHC-independent immunosurveillance strategy for innate immune responses. The related Ly49 family of MHC-I receptors displays extreme allelic polymorphism and haplotype plasticity. In contrast, previous BAC-mapping and aCGH studies in the mouse suggest the(More)
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