Eliano Pessa

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Quantum noise induced entanglement and chaos in the dissipative quantum model of brain Abstract We discuss some features of the dissipative quantum model of brain in the frame of the formalism of quantum dissipation. Such a formalism is based on the doubling of the system degrees of freedom. We show that the doubled modes account for the quantum noise in(More)
Right brain damaged patients affected by contralesional object-centred neglect are able to process all objects around them but systematically omit the left part of these objects. We show that pure object-centred neglect can be simulated by a basis function neural network in which the activity of units allowing head-centred coding of space is based on the(More)
The present study aims to explore the mechanisms underpinning forward and backward immediate serial recall in young (i.e., 20-30 years), old (i.e., 65-74 years), and very old (i.e., 75-84 years) adults. Participants had to retrieve verbal lists from forward and backward perspectives where position-item and item-item pairings were reiterated from the start(More)
The influence of motion information and temporal associations on recognition of non-familiar faces was investigated using two groups which performed a face recognition task. One group was presented with regular temporal sequences of face views designed to produce the impression of motion of the face rotating in depth, the other group with random sequences(More)