Eliane de Oliveira Silva

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Terpenoids are natural products of great interest due to their widespread use in agrochemicals, drugs, fragrances, flavouring and pigments. Biocatalysts are increasingly being used in the search for new derivatives with improved properties especially to obtain structurally novel leads for new drugs which are difficult to obtain using conventional organic(More)
The saturated nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds include many drugs and compounds that may be used as synthons for the synthesis of other pharmacologically active substances. The need for new derivatives of saturated nitrogen-containing heterocycles for organic synthesis, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, including optically active(More)
β-Lapachone is a drug candidate in phase II clinical trials for treatment of solid tumors. The therapeutic efficacy of β-lapachone is closely related to its metabolism, since this o-naphthoquinone produces cytotoxic effect after intracellular bioreduction by reactive oxygen species formation. The aim of this study was to produce β-lapachone human blood(More)
Atovaquone is a hydroxynaphthoquinone with selective action in the mitochondrial respiratory chain of malaria parasite. It is employed for both the treatment and prevention of malaria, in a combination with proguanil. The aim of this study was to elucidate the in vitro metabolites from atovaquone and to evaluate their cytotoxic activities. The(More)
Biotransformation is an important tool for the structural modification of organic compounds, especially natural products with complex structures, which are difficult to achieve using ordinary methods. It is also useful as a model for mammalian metabolism due to similarities between mammalian and microbial enzyme systems. The development of novel(More)
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