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As in humans, sub-clinical infection by arboviruses in domestic animals is common; however, its detection only occurs during epizootics and the silent circulation of some arboviruses may remain(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate clinical, biochemical, hormonal and genetic characteristics of relatives of two patients with familial partial lipodystrophy (FPLD) type 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty(More)
Outbreaks caused by vaccine-derived polioviruses are challenging the final eradication of paralytic poliomyelitis. Therefore, the surveillance of the acute flaccid paralysis cases based on poliovirus(More)
Echovirus 30 belongs to the genus Enterovirus and is widely associated with aseptic meningitis (AM) outbreaks. In Brazil epidemics due to this serotype were reported in several states but in Rio de(More)