Eliane Ubalijoro

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Tandem affinity purification was used in Arabidopsis thaliana to identify cellular interactors of Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). The heat shock cognate 70-3 (Hsc70-3) and poly(A)-binding (PABP) host proteins were recovered and shown to interact with the RdRp in vitro. As previously shown for PABP, Hsc70-3 was redistributed(More)
The poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) is an important translation initiation factor that binds to the polyadenylated 3' end of mRNA. We have previously shown that PABP2 interacts with the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) and VPg-Pro of turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) within virus-induced vesicles. At least eight PABP isoforms are produced in Arabidopsis(More)
Mountain ash (Sorbus decora and S. americana) is used by the Cree Nation of the James Bay region of Quebec (Eeyou Istchee) as traditional medicine. Its potential as an antidiabetic medicine is thought to vary across its geographical range, yet little is known about the factors that affect its antioxidant capacity. Here, we examined metabolite gene(More)
 We have investigated the interaction between two different potyviruses and resistant cultivars of Lactuca sativa. Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) and lettuce mosaic virus (LMV) were used to inoculate several cultivars under different temperature regimes to characterize the resistance reaction. Resistance conferred by the recessive mo locus against LMV infection(More)
Natural product-based drug discovery has been deemphasized by the pharmaceutical industry. This situation is discordant with the fact that most people in developing countries rely on traditional medicines derived from local biodiversity for healthcare. Despite economic growth in the past 10 years, Africa remains plagued by parasitic infections, out of reach(More)
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