Eliane N. Pereira

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Good sense can be defined as the quality which someone has to make sensible decisions about what to do in specific situations. It can also be defined as good judgment. However, in order to have good sense, people have to use common sense knowledge. This is not different to computers. Nowadays, computers are still not able to make sensible decisions and one(More)
BACKGROUND Low cardiopulmonary fitness, measured by oxygen uptake peak (VO 2pk), is associated with postoperative complications and mortality. Obese people have difficulty in performing the cardiopulmonary exercise test, which requires maximal exertion. The incremental shuttle walking test (ISWT) and 6-min walking test (6MWT) have been used to assess(More)
The computer game use in education has been growing as a learning facilitator. What is it? educational environment allows teachers to be co-author of an online game based on cards which uses a common sense knowledge base. It also allows teachers to choose language according to their students’ culture and needs providing them with suitable language. The(More)
Corynosoma bullosum is a parasite of pinnipeds while Corynosoma cetaceum is considered a parasite of cetaceans. Until now, there were no records of parasitism by C. cetaceum in phocids. This study reports C. bullosum and the first record of C. cetaceum in Mirounga leonina from Antarctica.
The studies of Mehrabian and Russell (1974), (researchers in the field of environmental psychology), have been instrumental in spreading the idea that the environmental features at the point of sale cause emotional reactions that lead to behavior that is hard to explain from a cognitive standpoint. For this reason, merchandising implementation plays a key(More)
When teachers want to introduce a discussion about the use of cigarette to a group of teenagers, it can be interesting to know what this group thinks about it in order to contextualize the approach to their profile. It is proposed here a framework to instance web game supported by common sense knowledge to approach the called “transversal themes” of the(More)