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PKP-Based Signature Scheme
This document introduces a Digital Signature Scheme based on the Permuted Kernel Problem (PKP), and shows that PKP-DSS-128 is an order of magnitude faster than MQDSS which in its turn is faster than Picnic2, SPHINCS, ...
On the complexity of the Permuted Kernel Problem
It is claimed that the most efficient algorithm for solving PKP is still the one introduced by J. PATARIN and P. CHAUVAUD in [9], and a theoretical bound is specified on the complexity of PKP which allows us to identify hard instances of this latter.
Ultra-Short Multivariate Public Key Signatures
Two main issues arise when one wants to build a signature scheme with ultra-short signatures: avoiding the birthday paradox attack and having the ability to sign arbitraly long messages, and ways to overcome both are given.
Ultra-Short Multivariate Public Key Signatures – with Public Keys of Degree 2 –
In this paper, we study and construct multivariate schemes with “ultra-short” signatures. We focus on the classic case where the public key is a set of multivariate polynomials of degree 2. To design
Combinatorial Digital Signature Scheme
The signature scheme PKP-DSS has a security that can be provably reduced, in the (classical) random oracle model, to essentially the hardness of random instances of PKP, and is believed to provide a quantum secure scheme.