Eliana Gilad

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Effects of acute and seasonal heat stress on tonic and GnRH-induced LH and FSH secretion were examined during the early follicular phase of the oestrous cycle of cows (n = 40). Prostaglandin F2 alpha was injected on day 11 +/- 1 of the oestrous cycle and on the next day blood samples were collected at intervals of 15-20 min for 14 h, and i.m. injection of(More)
Among the developmentally supportive care modalities that have been tested in the treatment of preterm infants, music interventions have been tested quite intensively. This article reports on the environmental, cultural, and philosophical considerations of a research program that studied the effects of live music, wordless singing, and rhythm upon neonates(More)
Large antral follicles (13 to 20 mm in diameter) were collected from ovaries of 109 cows and 17 heifers that also had a regressed corpus luteum at slaughter. Thirty percent of the animals had been injected once with prostaglandin F(2)alpha 48 hours before slaughter. Follicles were divided into 3 groups based on estradiol and oxytocin concentrations in the(More)
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