Eliana Costa e Silva

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Grasping an object successfully implies avoiding colliding into it before the hand is closed around the object. The present study fo-cuses on prehension kinematics that typically reflect collision-avoidance characteristics of grasping movements. Twelve participants repeatedly grasped vertically-oriented cylinders of various heights, starting from two(More)
Previously we have presented a model for generating human-like arm and hand movements on an unimanual anthropomorphic robot involved in human-robot collaboration tasks. The present paper aims to extend our model in order to address the generation of human-like bimanual movement sequences which are challenged by scenarios cluttered with obstacles. Movement(More)
In many countries, the teaching of mathematics has always taken a classical lecture form, for the majority of teachers, in a more obvious way at the secondary school and the university levels. There have been very successful experiences, major changes in the official syllabus have taken place almost everywhere, materials were produced in big quantities. But(More)
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