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Genotyping of African swine fever virus from a 2009 outbreak in Tanzania
African swine fever is a highly contagious hemorrhagic disease of domestic pigs caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV) belonging to the Asfarviridae family. Twenty two ASFV genotypes (I XXII)Expand
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New host records of monacanthid fish for three Kudoa spp. (K. septempunctata, K. thyrsites, and K. shiomitsui) prevalent in the olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus), with the description of K.
Kudoa septempunctata (Myxosporean: Multivalvulida) is known as a cause of foodborne disease associated with consumption of raw flesh of the olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus). Knowledge of itsExpand
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Morphological and molecular genetic characterization of two Kudoa spp., K. musculoliquefaciens, and K. pleurogrammi n. sp. (Myxosporea: Multivalvulida), causing myoliquefaction of commercial marine
Genetic characterization of myxosporean species, including members of the genus Kudoa, has advanced dramatically throughout the last decade. This is in stark contrast to those species describedExpand
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Determination of bacterial load and antibiotic susceptibility testing of bacteria isolated from students’ toilets at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania
The circulation of infectious diseases in the community settings in urban and rural areas remains to be a hectic problem. One of the sources of microbial diseases is toilets. This study aimed atExpand
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First record of Trypanosoma dionisii of the T. cruzi clade from the Eastern bent-winged bat (Miniopterus fuliginosus) in the Far East
Chiropteran mammals worldwide harbour trypanosomes (Euglenozoa: Kinetoplastea: Trypanosomatida) of the subgenus ‘Schizotrypanum’ in the classical sense. Latterly, these trypanosomes have beenExpand
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Integrative taxonomic approach of trypanosomes in the blood of rodents and soricids in Asian countries, with the description of three new species
Trypanosoma lewisi (Kinetoplastea: Trypanosomatida: Trypanosomatidae) with a cosmopolitan distribution is the type species of the subgenus Herpetosoma, which includes ca. 50 nominal species isolatedExpand
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