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The use of autonomous robots is appealing for tasks, which are dangerous to humans. Autonomous robots might fail to perform their tasks since they are susceptible to varied sorts of faults such as point and contextual faults. Not all faults can be known in advance, and hence, anomaly detection is required. In this paper, we present an online data-driven(More)
Autonomy requires robustness. The use of unmanned (autonomous) vehicles is appealing for tasks which are dangerous or dull. However, increased reliance on autonomous robots increases reliance on their robustness. Even with validated software, physical faults can cause the controlling software to perceive the environment incorrectly, and thus to make(More)
Autonomous systems are usually equipped with sensors to sense the surrounding environment. The sensor readings are interpreted into beliefs upon which the robot decides how to act. Unfortunately, sensors are susceptible to faults. These faults might lead to task failure. Detecting these faults and diagnosing a fault's origin is an important task that should(More)
The use of unmanned autonomous vehicles is becoming more and more significant in recent years. The fact that the vehicles are unmanned (whether autonomous or not), can lead to greater difficulties in identifying failure and anomalous states, since the operator cannot rely on its own body perceptions to identify failures. Moreover, as the autonomy of(More)
One of the challenges of fault detection in the domain of autonomous physical agents (or Robots) is the handling of unclassified data, meaning, most data sets are not recognized as normal or faulty. This fact makes it very challenging to use collected data as a training set such that learning algorithms would produce a successful fault detection model.(More)
A fundamental requirement for model-based diagnosis (MBD) is the existence of a model of the diagnosed system. Based on the model, MBD algorithms are able to diagnose the faulty components. Unfortunately, a model is not always available. While it is possible in principle to infer a partial model by repeated trials, performing such trials is time and(More)
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