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In two previous studies we described the properties of a heat-stable DNA-binding protein present in rat liver nuclei. This protein, hereafter termed C/EBP, is capable of selective binding to the CCAAT homology of several viral promoters (Graves et al. 1986), as well as the core homology common to many viral enhancers (Johnson et al. 1987). We now report the(More)
Global silencing of transcriptional activity in the oocyte genome occurs just before the resumption of meiosis and is a crucial developmental transition at the culmination of oogenesis. Transcriptionally quiescent oocytes rely on stored maternal transcripts to sustain the completion of meiosis, fertilization, and early embryonic cleavage stages. Thus, the(More)
Oocytes and early embryos of multiple (non-mammalian) species lack the somatic form of the linker histone H1. To the best of our knowledge, a mammalian oocyte-specific linker (H1) histone(s) has not, as yet, been reported. We have uncovered the cDNA in question in the course of a differential screening (suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH)) project.(More)
The process of ovarian follicular development is a long and arduous one, marked by dramatic proliferation and differentiation of both the somatic and germ cell elements. To a large extent, this explosive agenda is under the control of conventional endocrine principles, involving hormones such as pituitary gonadotropins and ovarian steroids. Importantly, it(More)
BACKGROUND The advent of fertility treatments has led to an increase in the rate of multiple births in the United States. However, the trends in and magnitude of the contribution of fertility treatments to the increase are uncertain. METHODS We derived the rates of multiple births after natural conception from data on distributions of all births from 1962(More)
The development of adrenergic responsiveness in ovarian granulosa cells cultured in the presence of androstenedione was investigated. Progesterone production by granulosa cells obtained from immature hypophysectomized diethylstilbestrol-treated rats was stimulated by FSH, but was only minimally affected by various adrenergic agents. In contrast, FSH(More)
HOSPITAL READMISSIONS HAVE BEEN THE SUBJECT OF ever-increasing scrutiny. Indeed, they are an important focus of the US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Identified by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission as a major action item for some time, hospital readmissions remain prevalent, costly, and largely preventable. The recently updated(More)
The importance of several ovary-selective/specific genes, i.e. genes preferentially or exclusively expressed in the ovary, has been established. Indeed, null mutant female mice for the c-mos, growth and differentiation factor-9, alpha-inhibin, and zona pellucida-3 genes proved sterile. A loss of function mutation of the human FSH receptor gene established(More)