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BACKGROUND About 90% of new tuberculosis (TB) cases in Norway appear among immigrants from high incidence countries. There is a compulsory governmental tuberculosis screening programme for immigrants; immigrants with positive screening results are to be referred from municipal health care to the specialist health care for follow-up. Recent studies of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Prolonged exposure to adults with pulmonary tuberculosis is a risk factor for infecting children. We have studied to what extent a brief exposure may increase the risk of being infected in children. DESIGN Observational study of a tuberculosis contact investigation. SETTING 7 day-care centres and 4 after-school-care centres in Norway. (More)
Six outbreaks of infectious syphilis in the United Kingdom, ongoing since 2012, have been investigated among men who have sex with men (MSM) and heterosexual men and women aged under 25 years. Interventions included case finding and raising awareness among healthcare professionals and the public. Targeting at-risk populations was complicated as many sexual(More)
BACKGROUND Legionnaires' disease, most often a serious condition, is a relatively rare disease in Norway although in recent years it has been on the increase. Because of clinical and microbiological diagnostic difficulties, one can assume that the number of new cases reported is significantly too low. MATERIAL AND METHOD A multidisciplinary team(More)
They assessed if improved collaboration resulted in increased frequency of patients who attended the first consultation at the specialist department (pulmonary outpatient dept., POPD) after being screened for TB. They also assessed the time from screening in the municipality to examination at the hospital for patients in the “project” vs. the “control”(More)
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