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Evaluating interface usability and system functionality is time-consuming and effort-intense. The short time-span involved in development iterations, such as those in agile development, makes it challenging for software teams to perform ongoing interface usability evaluation and system functionality testing. We propose a way to perform <i>product ongoing(More)
It has been found that some macrocyclic esters have no ionophoric properties, but can block valinomycin-induced potassium transport in mitochondrial membranes and lessen the potassium current induced by valinomycin in phosphatidylcholine bilayers. It has been also discovered that 36-member cyclic esters of succinic acid and propylene glycoles decrease(More)
The effects of the local anesthetic pyromecaine on the action potential parameters of the guinea-pig heart ventricular cardiomyocytes as well as on Na and K ionic currents of the neurons in the rat spinal ganglions have been studied. Pyromecaine was shown to reduce preferentially the first derivative of the ascending phase of cardiomyocyte action potential(More)
The effect of polymethylene- and polyoxyethylene-bis-(2-amino-1, 3-diazepinium) iodides on the membranes of neuromuscular synapsis and mitochondria as on the artificial membranes was studied. The compounds examined were shown to change the amplitude and kinetics of postsynaptic membrane responses to acetylcholine. Inhibition of end plate potentials and(More)
Several papers have indicated the participation of cyclic AMP as a second messenger for the release of neurohypophysial hormones. Since very little is known about the effects of stress and drugs of abuse on this process, we studied the activity of adenylyl cyclase in the neurohypophyses after immobilization stress and chronic amphetamine treatment. Our(More)
A study was made of physiological activity of a series of new bisquaternary compounds in which the role of cation heads is played by the residues of 2-amino-1,3-diazepinium. Studies performed on a frog neuromuscular preparation showed that the compounds under test effectively block the responses of the postsynaptic membrane to acetylchinoline. The(More)
The new psychotropic drug phenazepam inhibits the impulse activity of the neurons which compose visceral ganglia of the garden snail (Helix aspersa) and suppresses stimulating postsynaptic potentials arising in application of acetylcholine to the membrane of isolated neurons. The electrostimulating membrane parameters are not generally changed. Postsynaptic(More)