Eli Dreifuss

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We investigated the association between prescribing antimicrobial agents and antimicrobial resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae among children with acute otitis media in southern Israel. During a 6-year period, all prescriptions of a sample of approximately 20% of Jewish and Bedouin children <5 years of age were recorded and all pneumococcal isolates from(More)
Community-acquired respiratory infections in general, and those caused by S. pneumoniae in particular, are the main reason for prescribing antimicrobials in young children. Antibiotic drug abuse is common. This is the basis for the initiative for the reduction in antibiotic use. However, failure to consider that not all antibiotics are similar in their(More)
Patients suffering from leukemia or from severe terminal cancer have possibly been impaired with regard to their ego functions even before any manifestation of their disease had occurred. With the outbreak of their illness they often experience an additional imperilment of their ego loundaries. By introjection of the art therapist (or the physician) whom(More)
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