Eli Chester Ridgway

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CONTEXT The prevalence of abnormal thyroid function in the United States and the significance of thyroid dysfunction remain controversial. Systemic effects of abnormal thyroid function have not been fully delineated, particularly in cases of mild thyroid failure. Also, the relationship between traditional hypothyroid symptoms and biochemical thyroid(More)
Recombinant human TSH has been developed to facilitate monitoring for thyroid carcinoma recurrence or persistence without the attendant morbidity of hypothyroidism seen after thyroid hormone withdrawal. The objectives of this study were to compare the effect of administered recombinant human TSH with thyroid hormone withdrawal on the results of radioiodine(More)
GATA2 is expressed in the pituitary during development and in adult gonadotropes and thyrotropes. It is proposed to be important for gonadotrope and thyrotrope cell fate choice and for TSH production. To test this idea, we produced a pituitary-specific knockout of Gata2, designed so that the DNA-binding zinc-finger region is deleted in the presence of a(More)
The molecular determinants governing cell-specific expression of the thyrotropin (TSH) beta-subunit gene in pituitary thyrotropes are not well understood. The P1 region of the mouse TSHbeta promoter (-133 to -88) region interacts with Pit-1 and an additional 50-kDa factor at an adjacent site that resembles a consensus GATA binding site. Northern and Western(More)
Measuring serum androgen levels in women has been challenging due to limitations in method accuracy, precision sensitivity and specificity at low hormone levels. The clinical significance of changes in sex steroids across the menstrual cycle and lifespan has remained controversial, in part due to these limitations. We used validated liquid(More)
A follow-up study of 1,762 hyperthyroid women who were treated at the Massachusetts General Hospital Thyroid Unit between 1946 and 1964 was conducted. The average length of follow-up was 17.2 years. A 1978 mailing address or a death certificate was located for 92% of the women, and 88% of 1,058 living patients responded to a mail questionnaire. The(More)
To examine pulsatile TSH secretion, serum TSH was determined every 10 min for 24 h in 6 normal subjects and every 15 min in 10 euthyroid patients with underlying thyroid disease. Serum T4, T3, and PRL were simultaneously measured in the 10 patients. Pulsatile TSH secretion was identified in all individuals. There was a highly significant correlation between(More)
BACKGROUND Dyslipidemia increases the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and is incompletely reversed by statin therapy alone in many patients. Thyroid hormone lowers levels of serum low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and has other potentially favorable actions on lipoprotein metabolism. Consequently, thyromimetic drugs hold promise as(More)
The anterior pituitary contains multiple distinct endocrine cell types that secrete individual hormones. To derive a pure cell culture population in which to study the regulation of the alpha-subunit of TSH free of other hormones and cell types, we have developed a clonal continuous cell line from the transplantable thyrotrope tumor MGH101A. This cell line(More)
The pituitary hormones LH, FSH, and TSH are heterodimers composed of a common alpha-subunit and unique beta-subunits. We demonstrate that 4.6, 2.7, 1.49 or 0.48 kilobases (kb) mouse alpha-subunit 5'-flanking sequences are sufficient for transgene expression in both gonadotropes and thyrotropes but not in inappropriate pituitary cells. In contrast,(More)