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BACKGROUND Heart murmurs are common in children, and they are often referred to a specialist for examination. A clinically innocent murmur does not need further investigation. The referral area of the University Hospital is large and sparsely populated. A new service for remote auscultation (telemedicine) of heart murmurs in children was established where(More)
A common workplace was established between the renal unit at the University Hospital of North Norway and two satellite dialysis centres, in Alta and Hammerfest. A 2 Mbit/s ATM network was employed for IP-based videoconferencing. A common electronic medical record system and dialysis monitoring software were used. During an eight-month study period, nine(More)
The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST) has, over the past two decades, contributed to the development and implementation of telemedicine and ehealth services in Norway. From 2002, NST has been a WHO Collaboration Center for telemedicine. In August 1996, Norway became the first country to implement an official telemedicine fee schedule making(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the patients' need for information and guidance in the selection of dialysis modality, and in establishing and practicing home dialysis. The study focuses on patients' experiences living with home dialysis, how they master the treatment, and their views on how to optimize communication with health services and the potential of(More)
BACKGROUND Children often have heart murmurs; referral to a specialist is common. A service for remote auscultation of heart murmurs was established in which heart sounds and short texts were sent as attachment to e-mails. Our aim was to assess the quality of this method. MATERIAL AND METHODS Heart sounds from 47 patients with no murmur (n = 7), innocent(More)
We began a project to move routine medical checks for appropriate patients from the specialist level to the patient's normal general practitioner (GP). The GP's analysis and conclusions would be checked by the specialist, using electronic messaging. The idea for the project came from the top level of the regional health authority. Despite that, the project(More)
In arctic Norway, where there is a lack of specialists in pulmonary medicine two postgraduate students, already qualified as specialists in internal medicine at Tromsø Regional Hospital, applied to continue their training at their respective local hospitals. The regional hospital in Tromsø has a long tradition of telemedicine, with network links to local(More)
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