Eliécer Gutiérrez

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Heteromys anomalus is widely distributed along the Caribbean coast of South America and had been considered the only spiny pocket mouse present in Venezuela for several decades. Recent taxonomic studies in western Venezuela, however, have documented the presence of H. australis from the Cordillera de Mérida and described H. oasicus from the Penı́nsula de(More)
Here, we present a set of RNA-based probes for whole mitochondrial genome in-solution enrichment, targeting a diversity of mammalian mitogenomes. This probes set was designed from seven mammalian orders and tested to determine the utility for enriching degraded DNA. We generated 63 mitogenomes representing five orders and 22 genera of mammals that yielded(More)
Correlative ecological niche models (ENMs) estimate species niches using occurrence records and environmental data. These tools are valuable to the field of biogeography, where they are commonly used to infer potential connectivity among populations. However, a recent study showed that when locally relevant environmental data are not available, records from(More)
We studied the taxonomy and biogeography of Mazama bricenii, a brocket deer classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN, drawing on qualitative and quantitative morphology and sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene. We used Ecological Niche Modeling (ENM) to evaluate the hypothesis that M. bricenii of the Venezuelan Cordillera de Mérida (CM) might have(More)
An Object-Oriented Framework for Rapid Development of Genetic Algorithms with Application to Operations Management and Vehicle Routing Andrés L. Medaglia amedagli@uniandes.edu.co Eliécer Gutiérrez egutierr@uniandes.edu.co Centro para la Optimización y Probabilidad Aplicada http://copa.uniandes.edu.co Departmento de Ingeniería Industrial Universidad de los(More)
The question whether taxonomic descriptions naming new animal species without type specimen(s) deposited in collections should be accepted for publication by scientific journals and allowed by the Code has already been discussed in Zootaxa (Dubois & Nemésio 2007; Donegan 2008, 2009; Nemésio 2009a-b; Dubois 2009; Gentile & Snell 2009; Minelli 2009;(More)