Elhanan Gazit

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This study describes and analyzes the learning interactions of nine high-school students’ free exploration of a virtual solar system (VSS). The VSS is a non-immersive three dimensional virtual environment based on real NASA planetary images. The computer screen serves as a “spacecraft’s window” for the learner to “fly” between objects, to change the(More)
In this study, we describe and analyze the ways in which high school students explored a virtual solar system (VSS). VSS is a nonimmersive virtual environment that affords visual manipulations of space by altering its frame of reference. The Observer software was used to code and analyze the participants' real-time free-exploration task. Two basic behaviors(More)
This study examined the learning dynamics of high-school students while they explore a Virtual Solar System (VSS). The VSS is a 3D virtual environment based on real NASA planetary images. Each learner uses the computer screen as a "spacecraft's window" to observe the system’s objects by changing its frame of reference and selecting different view modes. A(More)
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