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In vitro permeability enhancement of curcumin across Caco-2 cells monolayers using electrospun xanthan-chitosan nanofibers.
Xanthan-Chitosan (X-Ch) polysaccharides nanofibers were prepared using electrospinning processing as an encapsulation and delivery system of curcumin (Cu). The X-Ch-Cu nanofibers remained stable inExpand
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Electrospinning of Xanthan Polysaccharide
Electrospun pure xanthan polysaccharide nanofibers are prepared using formic acid as a solvent. Morphological studies by scanning electron microscopy show that uniform fibers with average diametersExpand
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Electrospun Xanthan gum-Chitosan nanofibers as delivery carrier of hydrophobic bioactives
Abstract Viscoelastic gels of xanthan gum-chitosan(X-Ch) in formic acid were electrospun to produce nanofibers, stable in aqueous media, for the encapsulation and release of curcumin (Cu). After 120Expand
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Electrospun Phospholipid Fibers as Micro-Encapsulation and Antioxidant Matrices
Electrospun phospholipid (asolectin) microfibers were investigated as antioxidants and encapsulation matrices for curcumin and vanillin. These phospholipid microfibers exhibited antioxidantExpand
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Rheological Properties and Emulsifying Activity of Gum Karaya (Sterculia Urens) in Aqueous System and Oil in Water Emulsion: Heat Treatment and Microwave Modification
Gum karaya is a polysaccharide gum from Sterculia urens tree. It is used as an emulsifier and thickening agent in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, it has very strong swelling properties, highExpand
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Soy Protein–Gum Karaya Conjugate: Emulsifying Activity and Rheological Behavior in Aqueous System and Oil in Water Emulsion
AbstractThe main objective of this study is to investigate the effects of mixing and conjugation of soy protein isolate (SPI) with gum karaya on the characteristics of the hybrid polymerExpand
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Comparison of starch films and effect of different rice starch‐based coating formulations on physical properties of walnut during storage time at accelerated temperature
Effects of different rice starch-based coating formulations on physical properties of walnut were studied during 20 days storage at accelerated temperature. Results from different starch filmsExpand
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Co-assembly of chitosan and phospholipids into hybrid hydrogels
Abstract Novel hybrid hydrogels were formed by adding chitosan (Ch) to phospholipids (P) self-assembled particles in lactic acid. The effect of the phospholipid concentration on the hydrogelExpand
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Enhanced Transepithelial Permeation of Gallic Acid and (−)-Epigallocatechin Gallate across Human Intestinal Caco-2 Cells Using Electrospun Xanthan Nanofibers
Electrospun xanthan polysaccharide nanofibers (X) were developed as an encapsulation and delivery system of the poorly absorbed polyphenol compounds, gallic acid (GA) and (−)-epigallocatechin gallateExpand
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The dependency of rheological properties of Plantago lanceolata seed mucilage as a novel source of hydrocolloid on mono- and di-valent salts.
The effects of NaCl and CaCl2 (0-200 mM) on the rheological properties of Plantago lanceolata seed mucilage (PLSM) as a novel potential source of polysaccharide gum were investigated in this study.Expand
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