Elham Saadatian

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In this paper, we present Kissenger (Kiss Messenger), an interactive device that provides a physical interface for transmitting a kiss between two remotely connected people. Each device is paired to another and can sense and transmit the amount of force that a user applies to a pair of lips which is recreated on the other device using motors. Kissenger was(More)
A multidisciplinary approach to a novel artificial intelligence system for an affective robot is presented in this paper. The general objective of the system is to develop a robotic system which strives to achieve a high level of emotional bond between humans and robot by exploring human love. Such a relationship is a contingent process of attraction,(More)
Keywords: Kiss transmission Tangible user interface Haptic interpersonal communication Remote tactile communication Kissenger a b s t r a c t Intimate interactions between remotely located individuals are not well supported by conventional communication tools, mainly due to the lack of physical contact. Also, haptic research has not focused on the use of a(More)
Crying is the language of babies. Inability of parents in understanding the needs of babies causes stress and anxiety. The aim of this study is to develop a rapid prototype of infant-parent communication system. The system was tested on real babies and parents, while they were apart. The Results pointed to the overall acceptance and effectiveness of the(More)
In this paper, we have investigated the concept of "Cultural Robotics" with regard to the evolution of social into cultural robots in the 21st Century. By defining the concept of culture, the potential development of a culture between humans and robots is explored. Based on the cultural values of the robotics developers, and the learning ability of current(More)
This study describes anthropologically inspired methodology in creative design for intimate telepresence. Anthropology is the study of humanity and among the experiences of human this study has focused on intimate interactions. Inspired by the concept of intimacy in human, and applying tinkering and iterative multilevel modeling, creative ideas for intimate(More)