Elham Mirzamohammadi

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BACKGROUND In this study, the characteristics of menstrual cycle in shift workers employed in the pharmaceutical industry are investigated. METHOD This study was conducted in a pharmaceutical industrial complex in Tehran in 2012. 406 female workers in packaging units were studied on the menstrual cycle characteristics. The studied workers were divided(More)
BACKGROUND Organic solvents are known as a group of organic compounds, widely used in industry and to which many workers are exposed. Neurotoxicity is one of the most important complications of the chronic exposure to the solvents and may causes neurobehavioral disorders in workers. We have studied the frequency of neurobehavioral disorders in workers(More)
BACKGROUND Early labor force exit is one of the major problems worldwide. The present study investigates the relationship between work ability and lifestyle. METHODS This study was conducted at a manufacturing plant in Tehran in 2012. All 851 male workers in this plant were included into the study and their work ability was assessed using the Work Ability(More)
BACKGROUND Severe upper extremity injuries can affect the quality of life in patients and cause multi-factorial and long-term costs of disease. The aim of this study was to assess quality of life in patients with upper extremity injuries caused by work-related accidents. METHODS In this study cross-sectional method was used in patients referred to the(More)
Early leaving of workplace by work forces is one of the fundamental problems worldwide. Maintenance and enhancement of employees work ability are important for raising productivity. This study investigated the relationship between work ability index and physical working conditions and was carried out in 2013 on 641 workers at a manufacturing plant in(More)
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