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Cloud computing refers to the services supplied over the internet and the hardware and software that delivers such services. It has the capability to cover a large part of the IT industry and make software even more appealing as a service. It can also reshape how IT hardware is designed and acquired. Nevertheless, datacenters that offer cloud applications(More)
Introduction: Nowadays, one of the most important questions in teaching and learning involves increasing the degree of students’ engagement in learning. According to Astin’s Theory of Student engagement, the best learning environment is one in which it is possible to increase students’ engagement. The current study investigates the influences that using(More)
Today, social networks are becoming rather popular throughout the world. Their multi-dimensional uses and specifications increase every day. However, research shows that their scientific and educational functions are still limited. We believe that social networks have the potential to create new contexts and opportunities that increase students’ motivation(More)
Self-determination theory is a general theory of human motivation and personality, emphasizing the dialectical relationships between growth-oriented human beings and social contexts that facilitate or impede people’s motivation to actualize their potentials. The three main factors that consist this theory are autonomy, competence, and relatedness improving(More)
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