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We study Sequenced Group Trip Planning Queries (SGTPQs). Consider a road network where some vertices represent Points of interest (POIs) and each POI belongs to exactly one Category of Interest (COI), e.g., A COI can be "Restaurants" and each POI in this COI is a specific instance of a restaurant. Given a group of users, each starting from a (possibly(More)
These days mobile target tracking is considered as one of the important applications of wireless sensor networks. In this regard, the clustering structure is one of the most applicable network structures. In this paper, we suggested a new method for target tracking that makes adaptation with target mobility model. This method utilizes two tools to create(More)
In this paper, we investigate a novel query type for road networks, namely the <i>k-Optimal Meeting Points based on Preferred paths</i> (k-<i>OMP</i><sup>3</sup>) query. Consider a group of friends currently at different places, e.g., their offices. Before going to their respective homes, using their own preferred paths in the underlying road network, the(More)
The northwest of Iran shares long borders with three neighboring countries; therefore, it is considered one of the main entry portals of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) into the country. Ten virulent NDVs were recovered from 19 poultry farms of various prefectures in northwestern Iran during Newcastle disease outbreaks in 2010. The isolates were genotypically(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown a reduction in bond strength of composites and glass ionomer to bleached enamel and dentin. Several methods have been proposed to reverse compromised bond strength. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of delayed bonding and application of antioxidant agent on the bond strength of reinforced self-cured(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess the effect of artificial accelerated aging (AAA) on color change of direct and indirect fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) restorations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Direct (Z250) and indirect (Gradia) composite resins were reinforced with glass (GF) and polyethylene fibers (PF) based on the manufacturers'(More)
Background. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is an endemic disease in Iran. Pentavalent antimonial drugs have been the first line of therapy in cutaneous leishmaniasis for many years. However, the cure rate of these agents is still not favorable. This study was carried out to compare the efficacies of intralesional glucantime with topical trichloroacetic acid 50%(More)
Given two sets of nodes P and Q on a road network, a k-Closest Pairs Query (k-CPQ) finds the pairs from P &#x00D7; Q which have the k smallest network distances. Although this problem has been well studied in the Euclidean and metric spaces, this is the first time it is being investigated in the more realistic case of road networks. As our first(More)
OBJECTIVE Color match between fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) restorations and teeth is an imperative factor in esthetic dentistry. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the influence of veneering composites and fibers on the color change of FRC restorations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Glass and polyethylene fibers were used to reinforce a direct(More)