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Worldwide, military personnel have been recognized as a population at elevated risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV; however, it is not well understood how the military occupation itself is implicated in the production of sexual risk behavior. Using qualitative and quantitative data collected from the Belize Defense Force (BDF), we(More)
To evaluate the effect of a peer-based risk reduction project on alcohol use and sexual behavior within Belize Defence Force personnel. We used a quasi-experimental, mixed quantitative and qualitative methods design to evaluate project outcomes. Two serial cross-sectional surveys were conducted [baseline (n = 126) and 6-month follow-up (n = 128)] using(More)
BACKGROUND Adequate clinical nutrition care is an integral part of the complete treatment of hospitalised patients, requiring specific knowledge from the health care team. The aim of this study is to assess, in Paraguay, the health care team ability in clinical care nutrition. MATERIALS AND METHODS A survey was made including 174 people of Paraguay(More)
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