Elfriede Fehr

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Church 's lambda-calculus is modified by introducing a new mechanism, the lambda-bar operator # , which neutralizes the effect of one preceding lambda binding. This operator can be used in such a way that renaming of bound variables in any reduction sequence can be avoided, with the effect that efficient interpreters with comparatively simple machine(More)
ScatterClipse is a generative plugin-oriented tool-chain for the model-driven development of the applications running on the sensor boards of our WSN-platform ScatterWeb. The goal is the furthermost automated and standardized generation of software system families for the ScatterWeb sensor boards. The ScatterClipse's novel approach lies in the(More)
We introduce our tool-suite that facilitates automated testing of applications for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). WSNs are highly distributed systems and therefore require a testing infrastructure. We introduce a general purpose testing framework which enables component, integration, and system testing. When using our testing framework test cases have to(More)
ScatterFactory2 is a model-driven eclipse-based framework for the new generation of our WSN platform ScatterWeb The already deployed Modular Sensor Boards (MSBs) can be configured, programmed and tested at the same time. This is made possible by the combination of plug-ins for ScatterFactory2. Apart from the high grade of automation, the focus of(More)