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INTRODUCTION Cross-linking (CXL) increases corneal biomechanical strength in progressive keratoconus. Since riboflavin cannot penetrate intact corneal epithelium, removal of epithelium is necessary for the classic CXL procedure (epi-off), but can cause severe postoperative pain. To avoid this problem, a method preserving the epithelium (epi-on) is used. In(More)
Human parapoxvirus infections are rare, self-limiting, zoonotic diseases. A 35-year-old veterinarian presented with a generalized rash of large umbilicated vesicles that appeared after antibiotic treatment for erysipelas on the forearm. The erysipelas arose from an erupted pustular thumb lesion that appeared after examining a sheep. An outbreak of(More)
Nous rapportons l’observation d’un patient de 10 ans, chez lequel a été évoquée une dystrophie de Cogan. Trois ans plus tard, les examens cliniques et paracliniques confirment le diagnostic de dystrophie grillagée de type I. Un jeune patient de 7 ans est adressé en urgence pour kératalgie unilatérale. À l’interrogatoire, il ne décrit pas d’antécédent(More)
This study was carried out to determine apparent ileal digestibility (AID) and apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of DM, CP, GE, and their respective digestible content of degermed dehulled corn (Zea mays), citrus pulp, and soy (Glycine max) protein concentrate by pigs using the difference method. Thirty-two barrows (28.1 ± 1.6 kg of BW) were fed a(More)
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